What is blue, white, grey and striped (almost) all over?

My little guy's new 'big boy' room!

But let me back up a bit.

For those of you just tuning in, I'm working on turning my little guy Chace's nursery into his big boy room. He'll be three in a few months so time to de-crib and welcome him to twin bed-ville. As well as update to his older taste ('sniff) and activity level.

His nursery was sweet. Decorated when I was preggo eggo and we didn't know what we were having. As a result, we kept it neutral. A light celery shade and white made their way up on them thar walls (why the pirate?).

Furniture placement was functional for a newborn but as Chace grew and we had to make some changes (baby proof by moving the crib away from the blinds, move a tall storage unit to our family room for toys etc.) As a result, the 'cuteness' of the nursery started evolving. Throw in some toddler gear, a toddler bed that we were hoping to transition him to ("no mommy, crib"), random things on his bookshelves, a new toy bin and we had this...

Not horrible but definitely not functional for a growing two and a half year old! No room to play, an outdated palette (for his age) and decorative items that are too 'feminine' and/or baby for him (the mirror, rocker etc.)

And don't even get me started on this closet...

A functionally-challenged closet. And I'm a neat freak (oh the shame).

However, as mentioned in detail here, I had a plan! Here is my design layout ideas and mood board to refresh your memory.

As mentioned previously, my real 'jumping off point' was the bedding (and using existing pieces of furniture) and I am pleaseed to report that 'step one' has been executed is complete.

WE HAVE PAINT PEOPLE! Ah, 'er, Operation-Step-One-In-Chace's-Bedroom-redo is done.

As part of my plan was to turn Chace's (can we say' underused') closet into a cool dude 'nook' I began by removing the doors and emptying his closet of the 'stuff' and the shelving (except the top shelf which I am reserving for some storage).

I was left with a lot of these pretty craters.

Oh, and some nice scuff marks.

Since I was on a roll I removed the shelving, mirror, art print etc. from the walls as well and began patching those holes.

Then I got my patch on and did the same to the closet/future nook.

My plan for this future reading/chalkboard/inspiration gallery nook was large horizontal stripes (refer to this post for details. So, once everything was patched, sanded and ready to go I did a fresh coat of white and then I measured the closet from the floor (excluding baseboard) to the roof. Then I played around with 6, 7 and 8 stripes. I decided on 7, making each stripe 13.3" tall.

To make measuring these out uber-easy I used a tape measure which I had marked at the notch past 13.25"...

and my fave DIY tool - my laser level (clouds parting, angels singing).

This puppy is redonkulous. If you've never used one of these, let me break it down for you.

a) Turn on and line up the laser beam on the mark you made with your ruler
b) find the 'level' spot by using the water/air levels built within the main unit. You can have the laser pointing horizontal (in my case) or vertical.
c) Once the little water bubble tells you that you are level apply light pressure and this amazing gadget suctions to the wall!
d) make your pencil marks in intervals along the laser line that is projected
e) yes, it bounces around corners and keeps going!
f) to do the 'other side' of your level line, rotate the middle section, re-level your water/air thingy and repeat.
g) turn off and release.
h) genius!

That bubble doesn't look level but it's just the picture I promise.

Next I lined up my painters tape along my pencil marks. I taped on the 'inside' of the white stripes since I would be painting grey over the fresh coat of white.

Made a pencil notation of which stripes were to be grey (so I didn't mess up and paint the wrong one!)

Then I started painting the stripes! The colour was chosen to coordiate with the cute owl bedding as seen here.

I applied two coats and then removed the tape. In between these steps I also did two coats of blue (again, inspired by the new bedding) around the top part of the main room.

And now for the 'ta da' moment.

Here are is the closet nook all painted (yet unadorned)...

(does anyone know how to remove that gross stain in the closet? It was from a candle - wrapped in tissue, IN a box). Holy die transfer Batman. Crickey). Suggestions welcome...

But back to the stripe action. Here's a tip. I took the tracks for the door down BUT left the little holes as they were when patching the others so that future re-installation of the doors would not be a nightmare. You can see one in the corner here.

And how did the room turn out? Just peachy bluey.

Oh, and I must mention that Chace does not sleep in an empty crib. He was just taking part in the toddler relocation plan that I was running while I let the room air out for a few days. Blankies went with...

Your crib days are numbered kiddo (but I not so secretely love them). Next on my Operation Big Boy Room hit list is a new bed (gasp).

And how did the new paints work with the bedding? Here is the bag it came in held up to the wall in the room and stripey nook so you can see for yourself.

I think it's a hoot hit.

Yes, I just went there.

Having so much fun with this. Can't wait to work on the next phase!

UPDATE - see all the Big Boy Room upgrade posts here!

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  1. can't wait to see...wanna come over and help with chloe's room?!

  2. I LOVE everything! The colours and stripes are fantastic! I can't wait to see the finished room - very inspiring! ;)

  3. Love it already, great job with the stripes!!!

  4. Wow, looks nice, Elaine. However, I would have thought you were an engineer with that plan view drawing of the room. ;-)

  5. Oooo, it's getting exciting!! Can't wait to see more.

  6. Fantastic! I love the stripes. They make me so happy! IT really does help having a plan and doing it one step at a time. I think it makes it more enjoyable and cuts down on buying random things that don't fit the overall look. Can't wait to see it all come together. Thanks for your comment today!

  7. it is looking fabulous! I love the stripes in the closet! Can't wait to see it all put together!

  8. super cute! You are so organized with the floor plan and everything!! Nice :) Fun, soothing colors.

  9. Love the stripes and bedding! Maybe you can use this project for our "Impossibilities" challenge.

    I've joined up with 5 talented bloggers for an "Impossibilities" challenge that culminates in a multi-blog link party on Jan. 31. You can find out more at this link ...


    There's still time to get in on the fun ... even if it's just a progress report. And if you blog about your participation, give me the link in my comments thread and I'll blog about you next weekend!


  10. Love it! Can't wait to see it when it's all done! So great!

  11. Love the stripes! It's going to look great!

  12. This is Fabulous, great job!! Thanks for linking up to my 365 challenge ;)

  13. Wow! That room paint came out wonderful! Love the stripes. Also, enjoy your appropriate use of the word redonkulous!

  14. Love the stripes! The colors are beautiful and I can't wait to see how this room comes together!!!

  15. Looks fantastic! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and sharing the horizontal stripes love!

  16. i LOVE the stripes in the closet.
    that is such a fabulous way to keep the closet open and make it look natural.
    it also opens up the feel of the closet to make it bigger. can i say i LOVE it one more time!
    i am pinning it! feel free to stop by my blog and click the pinterest link to see :)
    {love} lauryn @ lovenotesbylauryn.blogspot.com

  17. I was hoping for colors you used for your stripes to maybe spare me the pain of that. If you have them listed somewhere they are hiding from me. Could you share? dhkvale@gmail.com


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