Growing Up

We've been wanting to get a growth chart for our little toddler Chace for quite awhile now. And look what popped up this weekend!

When I came across this vinyl wall decal for $7 (!) at 'Real Canadian Superstore' I could not pass it up.

Installation was really easy although there were a few 'tricks' that I had to employ to get it up. The first being that the 'tree' did not start at the ground (I guess to account for baseboards and such).

So, what I did was mark the wall at 12"from the ground. Then I used my laser level (which I raved about when I painted the closet stripes here) and taped my master decal sheet up using the laser as a guide. You can see below that the laser level line hits my 12" mark on the tree.

Then I cut the tree out. and peeled back (and trimmed) some of the backing paper from the bottom of the trunk.

I used a little 'squeegie' tool (for lack of a better term) to smooth my decal out on the wall. It was hard to take a picture of this step as I had my hands busy, but when I got up to get something, my little helper (who was very close by watching) jumped in and was giving me a perfect demonstration when I turned around.

what skill!

I did the same with the 'top' piece. This is where I encountered my second little workaround. The 'chair rail' moulding. If I had continued my chart up and over the rail it would not be accurate in measurement on the top portion of the wall. In otherwords, I would loose some 'inches' if I used them going around the moulding. 

So, what I did was measure the moulding (3"), trim the tree where it hit the bottom of the moulding, marked and trimmed 3" from my decal, centred it on my moulding, and then continued on above the chair rail. That way if Chace is standing next to it and is measuring at 4' then it is a "true" 4'. ... but let's hope he doesn't get there for quite some time ;).

Here it is all installed!

You can see the litle slivers of white where I trimmed around the moulding but I think it looks okay. Not perfect, but okay - which is okay by me ;)

I love how it plays off Chace's bedding too! It's not 'matchy match' (which I dislike anyway) but coordinates. Perfect. 

{ Still need to put something above his bed } - work in progress....

And some close ups of the fun...

And of course we had to take our first measurement...

So there we go!

Another little project done as I transform Chace's nursery to his 'big boy room'.

Oh - and for anyone wondering, I chose that spot on the wall next to his 'nook' as I have some plans for toy storage on the wall to the left of this little tree. Chef Kev asked so I thought others may be wondering too :)

UPDATE - see all the Big Boy Room upgrade posts here!

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  1. LOVE it!!! Nice job working around the chair moulding. Tricky-ness.

  2. SO CUTE! I'm crazy inspired by this idea and using canvas and felt to sew a chart to hang on the wall.


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