It's beginning to look a lot like Autumn(mas)

If you were to walk in our front door right now, this is what you'd see.

But then you'd see my sitting at the dining room table in my pajamas (on my laptop) and quickly turn and leave (good choice).

So, to save you the awkwardness of walking out on me in my t-shirt and pajama bottoms I'll break down the little autumn decorating party that Chace (my three year old) and I threw tonight (no hats, no games, no cake = lame party in the mind of a toddler). Woops. Better like next time Chacey.

The inspiraton was this awesome subway art (downloadable here from eighteen 25) that I simply framed (VERY simply) in a frame I had on hand. I say 'very simply' as you will see it doesn't quite fit right but I kind of like that sliver of creamy matt. It plays off the gold text. I also like the fact that the frame is a bit beaten up - nice and rustic.

I actually used another one of Eighteen 25's amazing subway art creations back on my Christmas mantel last year too. Love them!

Then I simply put out an assortment of Autumn coloured candles. You should smell it in here (too bad you left so quickly). It smells like Pumpkin Pie and Spice Latte had a baby and named it Harvest Apple. I could make a joke here about a kid named Apple but I did that last time. Awkward. What's up with that?

To add some texture, I took some small frames I had on hand and thought, hey, I could make these into candle coasters!

So I trimmed up some scrapbook paper...

Removed the backs of the frames (so they would lay flat) and added the paper behind the glass. Allow my assistant to demonstrate...

When we were done, this is how the other one looked.

You may have noticed, but our front hall table is actually an old sewing machine that I got with my dad back at an auction 11 years ago (and restained here). At that same auction I also got an old crockery jug that worked nicely with the little vignette I was creating.

Looking back at the door you see my wreath and cool black bamboo. The black bamboo is a gift from Chef Kev's co-worker Ellen (Thanks Ellen!) who thought of me while helping her daughter cut some down. So sweet!

My helper assisted in assembling the bamboo. Note the different pair of pajamas than seen in the picture above. We are potty training. Say no more.

I made the wreath a few years back by twisting together two long faux berry garlands that I bought at Michaels (craft store).

And a few pictures of it all lit and glowy. Since you ran out so quick and all...

So what about you? Done any completely free entry way makeovers lately? Started your Autumn decorating? Had a helper who burned through two pairs of PJ's like it was nobody's bidness? Do share!

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Jewelry to go

I don't know about you but while I love travelling, I don't think my jewelry does. Why else would it protest and ball itself up into a labrynth of chains never to release the one necklace that I want? And if I do 'win' and wrestle the necklace I want to wear out of the 'great ball of jewelry' it undoubtedly has a knot or TWO in it as reward for my victory. How is that even possible?

Something had to be done. I could no longer take the jewelry carnage.

So I did what any woman who loves jewelry does... I went straight to the "fish n' tackle" section of my local hardware store. Naturally.

And now my jewelry can no longer fight in long car and plane rides.

I simply took a standard 'fish bait' case...

And opened it up. See the little dividers? They are removable and repositionable. 

So I removed a few to make some larger compatments and low and behold - jewelry storage that is NEAT and ORGANIZED and ready for travel! Is it wrong that this makes my heart so happy?

You can see a few of the dividers I removed in the bottom right of the picture above.

My favourite part is that you can isolate your necklaces from everything else - because as we all know, necklaces don't play nicely with others. 

And another added bonus is that the hard plastic offers your jewelry protection! Kind of like a mall security cop. But better, and without the scooter.

Yup, as segmented as food on a toddlers plate. 

The best thing about this particular tackle case? It's double sided! I love that I can pack twice as much organization into the same space. Genius.

On the flip side I had larger compartments for my chunkier necklaces and earrings as well as my watch.

I can't even begin to tell you how much easier this made getting ready on our recent vacation. To find what I wanted to wear quickly and without 'world war jewelry' was awesome.

I put my larger bangles and headbands etc. in another small toiletry bag which was fine as they were never the problem pieces. But for now, I've got this jewelry all wrangled up and now all I have to worry about on vacation is whether I should order dessert or not (and by the way, the answer to that is always 'YES').

What about you? Any fun tips for travelling? Any recent jewelry arm wrestles? Any recent episodes of "earrings gone wild"? Only the censored version please - this is a rated G blog. ;)

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I keep on Fallin'....

If you see a 5'3" girl out there with brown curly hair and a goofy perma-grin it's probably me. Why am I smiling? Because it is almost FALL! I love Autumn. My absolute favourite season of the year. As a westcoastie rain lover who is allergic to the sun (seriously - I get a major rash) I am so over summer by about June 22.

But alas - September is here! Yay! And with that, cooler weather, raindrops and time to decorate my mantel for FALL!

 Pulling back a bit...

After painting the mantel black last summer, decorating for Fall has had a fun new spin on it. I did a  slightly more rustic look last year so wanted something fresh and crisp this time 'round.

First I pulled out anything I thought may work and lined 'er up on the couch.

Then I began by hanging the wreath that I made last year. I've never been a fan of the 'traditional' fake leaf and poppuri type fall wreaths so decided to make my own simpler version.

Then I focussed on the two 'anchors' - the white tree trunk vases which I filled with some funky things that looked like pussy willows on steroids who had gotten their hair dyed. I found them for $6 at Pier One! Score.

To make the steroid willows stand up straight (versus splaying out and flopping to the vase edges) I did a simple scotch tape grid - like I did here and here.

Then I layered in the other elements...

My large orange glass pumpkin (which has an opening in back for a candle)...

A green pumpkin to tie in/pull the green colour out of the wreath...

I also added in some adorable owl tealight candle holders and a ceramic white pear and apple which match the tree trunk vases.

Joining the glowing oil is a wire mesh black pear... Is anyone else getting hungry with all this talk of fruit? 

In front of the black pear is a sparkly gold pear that my parents brought me back from a trip once. He is joined by his identical twin brother pear and rounder younger sister - sparkly apple. (No relation to Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's daughter Apple).

I had a hand in doing all this 'work'. It came in the form of a 3.5 year old bundle of cuteness. And to prove it, here is a little time lapse video of the event - complete with 3.5 year old bundle of cuteness photobombs.


How about you? Decorated for Fall yet? Love it? Hate it? In the fetal position breaking only to pray to the Sun Gods? Do tell. I'll be digging my rain boots out of storage and humming a happy tune.

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